Friday, February 24, 2006

Rescuers search Moscow market cave-in -- 56 dead

Attention shoppers, save big on our 'grab what you can if you haven't been crushed' sale.

The toll from the Thursday morning collapse of a roof at a Moscow market rose relentlessly over the hours as rescuers dug through the rubble, with 56 confirmed dead and 32 injured by evening and possibly dozens more still trapped.

I'll be honest, the first thing that popped into my mind as I read this was, "I'm surprised this has never happened to me." I've been struck by lightening, hit by a car, attacked by bats, rats, deer, pretty much anything with teeth. It's only a matter of time before I am killed in a supermarket collapsing.
Yeah, but, oh, those poor people and everything.

Officials opened an investigation amid speculation that heavy snow might have contributed to the collapse.

You think? Maybe it was the way the staff stocked the shelves.

Throughout the day, rescuers used sledgehammers, pickaxes and metal cutters to fight through the wreckage, avoiding the use of large equipment that might crush survivors.

Sledgehammers, pickaxes and metal cutters remove the risk of further crushing survivors, HOWEVER, it opens the door to a few new risks. Deadly blows to the head, contusions and severing to name a couple. Imagine being buried in rumble only to have a rescuer smash you in the temple with a fucking sledgehammer.

Some of those trapped alive used cell phones to direct rescuers.

I hope they had 'free-trapped-in-a-supermarket minutes'

At night, workers brought in heavy machinery to dig deeper through slabs of concrete.

You can now put crushing back on the risk list.


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