Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rice Vows to Keep Pressuring Egyptian Govt

Cool, that only leaves three Arab nations not calling for our destruction. Thanks Bush administration.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice pledged to a group of democracy activists on Wednesday that the United States will continue applying pressure on Egypt's government to meet its promises of reform.

Sounds like we're preparing to bombard Cairo with or Weapons of Mass Nagging.

"One good thing about having the president stand for election and ask for the consent of the governed is that there is a program," Rice told a group of dissidents, editors and professors.

Yeah, cause ours works so fucking well. You have to wonder if it ever crosses these peoples minds that maybe we Americans have it all backwards?

The session followed a breakfast with President Hosni Mubarak.

Oh that's nice, we eat at your house, THEN we criticize you. We're jerks.

The activists did not agree, however, on what how Rice should react to the Brotherhood, which is banned in Egypt. Rice has refused to meet with and Muslim Brotherhood members and they were not represented at Wednesday's meeting.

Didn't agree on what how? What the fuck does that mean. Someone wake up the fucking editor.
"What how Rice", sounds like something you'd buy in the Chinese Supermarket.

"Eliminating the Muslim Brotherhood is totally non-democratic," said Tarek Heggy, a writer and former petroleum executive. "The issue is how can we compete with them."

Good point. Personally I hate the American tradition of ignoring people. Whenever we don't like a nations government we pretend they're not there. We give them the cold shoulder. We act very childish.
Sorry Muslim Brotherhood but our clubhouse has a strict no Muslim Brotherhood allowed rule. You'll have to find somewhere else to play.
After a while, those other clubs get pretty strong and pretty large and very angry at us for excluding them. I think we as a nation greatly underestimate the power of talk and greatly overestimate the fear instilled by our large explosives arms.
That's just my opinion cause when I was in high school there was this guy, captain of the football squad, had the best looking girl in school as his girlfriend, you know, that asshole. He was a jerk, wouldn't hang out with anyone he deemed lesser than him or thought a different way. You know what happened? A bunch of the people he excluded got together and, as a group, fought him. They all got the shit beat out of them though. This was not a good example.


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