Wednesday, February 22, 2006

NYPD horse hurt bolting into traffic

Hey yo Silver! Waaaaiiiiitttttt!

An NYPD horse was injured after it struck two cars in Manhattan yesterday evening, witnesses and cops said.

Someone please tell me why we still have cops on horses? Really? Are we that unwilling to stop pretending to be cowboys?

"It came out of the blue," said Lubomir Firko, whose Saturn SUV was the first vehicle struck by the creature. "He was scared. He'd gone wild."
The horse then ran into a cab driven by Epie Herve of Brooklyn. "The officer went flying. He was on the ground. He was bleeding," Herve said. "It was awful."

It was only awful cause your cab got damaged. If the horse had missed your car it would have been funny.
And horses don't come out of the blue. They make a lot of noise when they trot and they aren't exactly small animals. You just weren't paying attention.


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