Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Palestinian brewery to launch 'Hamas' non-alcoholic beer

Pretend to forget all your troubles with a Hamas non-alcoholic brew, praise Allah. Drink responsibily. Friends don't let friends suicide bomb drunk.

Anticipating the Hamas rise to power in January's general election, Palestinian beermaker Nadim Khoury decided to develop a new product -- a non-alcoholic microbrew brandished with a label that coordinates perfectly with Hamas's trademark color.

So you make some cash and don't get your head cut off. Brilliant!

Khoury says his first name Nadim means "your friend who sits at the bar with you, your drinking buddy," and his chief product is Taybeh Golden beer, though he also makes a light version and a dark beer.

Like my friend Bum Anderson.

However, among secular Muslims in the area who do drink alcohol, not all are devoted fans of its mellow taste.
"It's okay. It's good," shrugged one Arab-Israeli taxi driver in Jerusalem, who admitted he hadn't drunk any Taybeh in at least two years.
A waiter at a bar in occupied East Jerusalem said: "I prefer Irish whiskey. Jameson."

Yeah, if you're into Irish whiskey, non-alcoholic pro-Jihad beer is going to come in a distant second. I like my beer to have alcohol in it. I also like it when the money I spend to get drunk doesn't end up in the hands of a person who is trying to finance the destruction of my home, but hey, that's just me.


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