Thursday, February 23, 2006

Detectives search for clues after one of Britain's biggest heists

Don't worry Britain, it happens over here all the time. You eventually get used to it.

Detectives searched for clues on Thursday, a day after thieves disguised as police officers stole as much as 43 million pounds (euro62 millions, US$74 millions) in one of the largest heists in British history.

Europe...still making history. I love you guys.

The money was stolen on Wednesday from a cash center at Tonbridge in the county of Kent, a Bank of England spokesman said on condition of anonymity, in line with bank policy. The spokesman said that up to 43 million pounds were believed to have been stolen, but there was no exact figure. No one was injured in the robbery.

I love all the 'condition of anonymity' comments in news stories lately. You know what that means right. It means that the person making the comment was not supposed to make a comment but did anyway because no one listens anymore.

Police were studying closed-circuit television footage from the site, but it was not yet clear whether the cameras had been disabled during the robbery.

Here, I'll help you out, I watch Law and Order all the time. If the tapes are completely blank with a black screen during the robbery, the cameras were disabled.


Blogger f.b.i.t.c. said...

Tell you what Mad Man, you don't tell them and i'll split it with yah.

Glad I took my name badge off my uniform now - and wore that balaclava.

February 23, 2006 8:13 AM  
Blogger f.b.i.t.c. said...

Oh yeah, and we do history, it's what you do when you've been around as long as us guys....;-)

February 23, 2006 8:14 AM  

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