Thursday, February 23, 2006

Iran’s President blames US, Israel for Iraq shrine attack

Of course, I mean, who else has been bombing mosques in Iraq for the last four years? Surely not other Iraqis, of course not. You know, I understand you don't like us, I get it. But you can't point the finger at us for EVERYTHING.

Iran’s hard-line President accused the United States and Israel of being behind Wednesday’s bombing of a holy Shiite Muslim shrine in the Iraqi city of Samarra.

Did anyone expect anything different. I knew eventually, somehow, it would be our fault.

Wednesday’s blast destroyed the golden dome of the Shrine in Samarra which was at the resting place of two revered Shiite Imams. It brought about a backlash of sectarian fighting as several dozen Sunni places of worship were attacked across Iraq.

And you call yourselves holy warriors. Destroying the resting places of your own prophets, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Iran is like America's wife, no matter what we do, we're wrong, it's our fault. There's just no pleasing you anymore. Where'd we go wrong Iran? Where's the love? I want a divorce.

“These desperate acts were planned and carried out by a group of defeated Zionists”, Ahmadinejad said. “You must know that these acts will not save you from the anger and strength of free nations”, Ahmadinejad said in comments directed at the United States.

What free nations? What are you talking about?
You fanatics are becoming quite amusing lately. Claiming righteousness and acting devilish and so blind to your own evils. Religion will do that to people. Your religion of peace sure does include a lot of chaos and violence. That's okay though. Keep blaming us and turning a blind eye to the real problem and it will turn around a bite you on the ass. Trust me, it happens. One day you'll wake up and say to yourself, "Hey, there's a suicide bomber running at me...and he doesn't like American."


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