Friday, February 24, 2006

Iraq edging closer to civil war

It's been doing that for about four years now. I no longer give a shit. Let them have their civil war, we had one. Maybe you need to have a civil war before you can have a true democracy. Or maybe it can help us thin the ranks or those so fucking willing to fight for mounds of sand.

Gunmen of rival sects battled south of Baghdad. More mosques went up in flames. Sunni Arabs pulled out of talks on a new government.

Cats killed all the dogs. The river started to boil. The moon crashed into Nebraska.

Iraq stands at the brink of civil war, and America’s exit strategy faces collapse.

This whole exit strategy I don't get. Here's what you do. Get the the soldiers on a plane and exit. Bam, strategy accomplished. I know we want to help these people but man, they are making it difficult. I'm a firm believer in stay the course but I'm also a firm believer in being grateful when people try to help you. I understand sometimes you don't want the help. That's when you politely say, "No thank you." or just play along until they go away and then tell your friends that person is an asshole. You don't strap a tennis ball filled with gunpowder with steel ball bearings glued to it on your chest and find a crowded market.

Sunni politicians lashed out at Shiite leaders Thursday, accusing them of igniting anti-Sunni reprisals. Others lashed out at the American military, charging it with standing idly by as the violence erupted.

Now they want us to help. Listen, if you are a Muslim, stop reading for a second. that we are alone we can talk about the real issue here. Those people are fucking crazy. They want to hate us, but they want us to halp them. Sometimes I really lean towards the whole, "Level the area and start again." strategy.

Welcome back Muslim friends. We love you.

“The Americans ... abandoned us extremely. They could have put some of their vehicles to protect the mosques; they have the forces to do that,” said Khalaf al-Hayan, general secretary of the Sunni Iraqi National Dialogue Council. “How does a civil war start? It starts like this.”

Yeah they also start by bombing Shiite mosques.

And it's our fault of course. Fine, America will take responsibility. I'll stay home from work today in observance of your problems. Morons.


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