Friday, February 24, 2006

Police arrest pair in UK robbery probe

That was quick, hey, we're missing some girl in Aruba and we still can't figure out who killed some little girl who used to do beauty pageants or something like that if you feel know...maybe helping us out.

Police arrested two people in connection with the armed robbery of up to $118.67 million, perhaps the biggest such crime in British history.
Detectives arrested a man aged 29 and a woman of 30 in London after an gang posing as police mounted the raid on security depot in southern England.

Now what does a 29 year old man need with over 100 million...oh...I bet he was DATING the 30 year old woman. Let him keep the money.

"They are being questioned on suspicion of conspiracy to commit robbery," police said in a statement.

NEWSFLASH: This crime moved past the stage of conspiracy and into the stage of followed-through.

"These men were armed, dangerous and violently threatening," said Detective Superintendent Paul Gladstone.

Opposed to those peacefully threatening bank robbers I guess.

Hope you guys find the robbers. Man, this is like a James Bond movie.


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