Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Democrats gain from Republican chaos

Well, that's what happens when there's only two fucking parties.
We're going to touch on many points here, should be interesting.

Republican leaders scrambled yesterday to contain the fallout from a Capitol Hill ethics scandal amid growing evidence that the episode, and deepening dissatisfaction with the war in Iraq, will lead voters to support Democrats in the next month's mid-term elections.

What ethics scandal you ask? This one:

Mark Adam Foley, an American Republican politician and a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1995 until 2006, representing the 16th District of Florida.
Foley resigned from the U.S. Congress on September 29 2006 after it surfaced that he had sent sexually explicit instant messages to former Congressional pages who were both under and over the age of 18. He had previously been warned about "overly friendly" emails to former Congressional pages. Overly friendly? So it's true that you HAVE to be an asshole to be in politics.

As a result of the disclosures, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Florida Department of Law Enforcementopened an investigation of the messages to find possible criminal charges.

On September 28, 2006, ABC News reported that in 2005 Foley had sent email messages from his personal AOL account to a former Congressional page, asking the page to send a photo of himself to Foley, among other things. Send me a picture of yourself in a bathing suit, and swimmies, near the ocean, on a breezy day, with a tan, and a box of cheerios and wearing a raincoat. Is this email overly friendly? Check one: Yes No.
Foley’s office confirmed that Foley had sent the messages but said it has a practice of asking for photos of individuals who may ask for recommendations and that the page had requested a recommendation. Unless it was to a modeling agency, where's a picture become necessery?
The original news report prompted another page to come forward and on September 29 2006, ABC News reported that it had seen excerpts of sexually explicit instant messages allegedly sent by Foley. There's always another page.

The instant messages made repeated references to sexual organs and acts. You ever see the third act of Timon of Athens? Give me a boner.
After being approached by reporters with this new information, Foley submitted a letter of resignation from Congress on September 29, 2006. Foley said in a statement, “I am deeply sorry and I apologize for letting down my family and the people of Florida (sorry I got caught) I have had the privilege to represent.” Once the story broke, Foley had virtually no chance of staying in Congress. That's not true, look at all the pieces of shit still there.
House Speaker Dennis Hastert said in an October 2 press conference that he would have demanded Foley's expulsion from the House had he tried to stay in office. Oh course you would have. Even if Foley had been reelected i n November, it is not likely that the House would have seated him.
The revelations have prompted even more pages to come forward, alleging a history of inappropriate conduct by Rep. Foley dating back at least ten years. Everyone finds their voice all of a sudden? Look, I believe Foley may have said, wrote and maybe even did some very innapropiate things in his past but doesn't it always seem odd that once one person stands up and accuses someone of something, suddenly an army forms behind the accuser?

Foley had been warned about the matter in 2005 by another House Republican and the House Clerk. Stop fucking children!
Through his lawyer, Foley insisted he was not a pedophile and had never had sexual contact with any minor. He explained that he had a secret alcohol problem and had made the communications while intoxicated. Everyone blames alcohol. Mel Gibson, Mark Foley, that women I went home with the other night when she woke up in the morning.
He checked himself into a rehab clinic on October 2 2006.His lawyer also revealed that Foley was molested by a clergyman when he was between the ages of 13 and 15 adding that “Mark Foley wants you to know he is a gay man.” Is that a come on? I'm uncomfortable.
Federal authorities said the explicit messages could result in Foley’s prosecution, under some of the same laws he helped to enact. Something just bit me on the ass.


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