Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saudi oil facility evades attack; prices soar

So even failed attempts at terrorism make oil prices go higher? That's bullshit.

Suicide bombers tried to blow up the world's largest oil-processing plant in Saudi Arabia on Friday. The attack failed, but the price of oil rose by more than $2 a barrel anyway -- an indication of how seriously oil traders fear a successful strike would disrupt world oil supplies.

There's not a lot of things in this world you can fail at and still obtain the overall goal. The fourth place runner doesn't win the marathon. Bt aparently if a bunch of terrorist blow themselves up anywhere near an oil refinery, mission accomplished. Shouldn't we concentrate more on the fact that the attack failed?

A Saudi statement said the attack caused only a ``minor fire, which was immediately extinguished'' and didn't disrupt oil or gas production.

Nothing like suicide bombers causing minor inconvenience. The only people really affected here are the poor guys who have to clean that shit up. How come mop prices haven't gone soaring?

Saudi police officials told reporters that two cars tried to drive through the gates of the outer fence of the heavily fortified compound. The police officials said that guards opened fire on the cars and that both vehicles exploded.

Sometimes al-Qaeda's biggest victim are the car insurance companies. I also would like to know what make and model those cars were that couldn't ram down a fence cause they sure weren't built Ford tough. Maybe they ran out of gas. That would be ironic.

Saudi-born Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda group claimed responsibility for the attack.

They are so quick to make themselves look inefficient.

The statement read, "With grace from God alone, hero mujahideen from the squadron of Sheikh Osama bin Laden succeeded today in penetrating a plant for refining oil and gas in the town of Abqaiq in the eastern part of the peninsula, and then allowed two car bombs in driven by two martyrdom seekers."

Al-Qaeda's vision of success is comical sometimes. They didn't make it past the fence and were killed before even disrupting the oil operations. HAH, Success! Now we know that Al-Qaeda's true mission is the destruction of fences.


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