Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Grape Juice Sickens Parishioners At Connecticut Church

Jesus made my tummy hurt.

State officials were testing grape juice after about 40 people became sick drinking the juice during a communion service Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church, police said.
Five of them were sent to the hospital after experiencing nausea and vomiting, police said. Nobody was seriously injured.

Do you still get into heaven if you throw up Christ?

Police say people reported a burning sensation in their throats and nausea. Pastor Anthony Gibson said the juice tasted like soap.

I think someone spiked the blood of Christ! I want to be in the room when they explain to the children why their bodies naturally rejected the body and blood of their Savior. That should make for some good ol' fashion family emotional scaring.

So sayeth thy Lord...HURP!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

D! you are soooo out of control with these stories, each one is better then the next. great great job.
you know who

February 07, 2006 1:04 PM  

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