Tuesday, February 07, 2006

British troops sent to riot-hit Afghan town

That's kind of like trying to put out a blazing inferno with gasoline isn't it? I saw in the news the other day that there were protests over those Muhammed cartoons in England with Muslims chanting "Death to Britain" and holding signs calling for new attacks similiar to the 7/7 terror bombings. Little confusing considering Britain never printed the cartoons. Guess some Muslims have trouble directing their anger properly.

British troops have been sent to a riot-hit town in Afghanistan in a bid to protect Norwegian soldiers.
The UK's Quick Response Force (QRF) was deployed to Maymana after reports that international reconstruction teams there were under threat.

Protesting is one thing. Someone drew something you don't like, sure, go ahead and speak up. Why on earth would you want to threaten the people trying to rebuild your country?

A crowd of up to 300 demonstrators were said to have thrown stones at the Norwegians.

So they call for backup because of rock throwers? Really? Norwegian troops aren't trained to handle people throwing rocks? Get the British in here, they've got sticks.


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