Monday, February 06, 2006

Crowd trashes offices of ferry company

Cartoons, boating accidents, voting process, is there anything that won't cause the Middle Eastern people to riot?

Hundreds of relatives of passengers on a ferry that sank in the Red Sea attacked the offices of the ship's owners Monday, throwing furniture into the street and burning the company's sign. Riot police fired tear gas to restore order.

So I got to ask, what's the point of rioting the ship owner's office? What does that achieve? Do you now feel better about the lose of your loved ones? Have you gotten your revenge fix? Accidents happen people. Wouldn't this fall under the "will of Allah" category?

Family members also tried to storm a hospital in another port town after it displayed photographs of bodies retrieved from the sea. They told authorities they wanted inside to identify the bodies in the hospital morgue.

So you want to identify the bodies of your loved ones. Fair enough. It's the "storming the hospital" part I have to wonder about. Can't you do anything in a peaceful and organized fashion? I don't mean to come down on a particular race or nationality or religion cause that's not my intent but pretty soon the world is going to get sick of the bullshit in your region. Either join the civilized, world that only becomes violent once in awhile or you risk further alienation and condemnation.

The relatives are desperate to know whether their loved ones were among the more than 1,000 who drowned and they say El Salam Maritime still has not released the victims' names. They also accuse Egypt's government of mishandling the rescue.

America had a similiar situation. Hurrican Katrina in New Orleans. People blamed the government for mishandling the rescue effort, did you see chaos in the streets of New Orleans? Were people rioting and looting and acting all uncivil? Were the...oh shit...I guess...carry on. Nevermind me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just looks like they go on the drop of a hat. It looks like it really doesn't take much

February 06, 2006 9:27 AM  

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