Friday, February 03, 2006

New Orleans is walloped by 2 tornadoes

Look at the bright side though. There really wasn't much left for those tornados to destroy.

Two tornadoes ripped through neighborhoods already hit hard by Katrina just five months earlier, battering the airport and knocking down utility poles and a radio tower. No serious injuries were reported, but weary residents couldn't help but ask what else they would have to endure.

Not much left on the list. Do you have volcanoes in New Orleans? My girlfriend and I visited New Orleans in March last year, only about 5 months before Katrina tore it apart. We loved the city. The food was top notch, the sights were inspiring and some lady threw me her thong underwear during the Easter Parade on Bourbon Street. (You know, to celebrate the resurrection of Christ)

Say what you will about the city, it was a wonderful place and both my girlfriend and I would like to see it rebuilt so we could revisit. Unfortunately, it seems, God hates New Orleans.


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