Thursday, February 02, 2006

Riots fail to stop settlement demolition

You would think riots would actually aide the demolition no?

Five thousand police and soldiers sent to demolish an illegal Jewish outpost on a West Bank hilltop yesterday faced thousands of young Israeli settlers who had promised a battle over Amona.

Battle over an illegal settlement? Ok. You know, Israel, you're painted as the sane ones in the Middle East. Don't make us start questioning that now. Personally, I'm really on the fence with who's a terrorist and who's not over there. Everybody's arguing over whose invisible man in the sky promised that little piece of land to. Mark my words people. The fall of our civilization will be caused by religion.

I treat God like I treat pornography. It's a personal thing. No one tells you how to watch prono and which porno you should watch. No one ever punched me in the face for watching a strictly blowjob film and forced me to watch Double Anal Penetrators II - Spread 'Em. It's personal preference and we respect each others sick sexual tendencies. Same with God. My God is different from yours and both of them are different from his.

After a bit of pushing and shoving on both sides, the restraint shown by the security forces during last year's Gaza withdrawal quickly gave way to riot police charges on horseback, water cannon and not a few punishment beatings.

So they had a cavarly charge and a water fight? Cool. And what's "not a few punishment beatings"? I guess that means there were a lot of punishment beatings. What's a punishment beating? I got those when I was seven I think. Are police spanking Jewish settlers in the West Bank cause if they are we're closer to the end days than I originally thought.


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