Thursday, February 02, 2006

Punxsutawney Phil: Six more weeks of winter

Happy Groundhog Day America! Lots of things to think about on a day like today. Firstly, I wonder if professional meterologists consider today a slap in the face considering that our country rather get it's weather predictions from a furry rodent than from them. Actually, the furry rodent is more often correct than the meterologists so maybe we should start hiring groundhogs to do the morning weather on channel 4.
Secondly, I noticed something this morning. We as country like to have animal representation for our holidays.

Groundhog Day - Groundhogs
Thanksgiving - Turkeys
Easter - Rabbits
Christmas - Reindeer
Halloween - Black Cats / Dead Animals
Election Day - Jackasses

So, did the groundhog see it's shadow? Yup. Six weeks more of winter. This is stupid. Groundhogs don't know shit about the winter except that it's cold. We should just stop trying to predict the weather and do what I do every morning and look out the fucking window.
"Oh it's raining, better wear a raincoat." or "Oh, it's sunny." or "Oh, it's hailing brimstone, apocalypse is here, better wear clean underwear."


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