Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Afghanistan: Donor Conference Kicks Off

And it's the US off to an early lead but here comes England followed close by Italy and Poland. Russia's pulling along side China as Canada bursts ahead of Mexico. Chile swings to the left side of all other South American countries as no one speaks to Iran in the corner. Oh...Afghanistan has tripped over some bags of heroin...

Representatives from about 70 countries gathered in Afghanistan on Tuesday for the conference to try to produce a five-year blueprint for international cooperation with Afghanistan, which is still plagued by violence and poverty.

Sounds like they need safety and money. There you go...I figured it all out. Give them safety...and...money. I should be in politics.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said he was confident the conference would be a success.

That really depends on what your definition of success is. World leaders aren't known for their ability to do anything ever!

Defeating the forces of extremism, fanaticism and drug crime in Afghanistan was vital for the entire international community, said British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was opening a two-day international donors conference on Afghanistan.

There's Blair again. This guy gets around.
Defeating extremism, fanaticism and drug crime huh? Let's focus on the guys blowing people up before we focus on people getting stoned and eating cookie dough. (do they have cookie dough in Afghanistan? They have pastries in Palestine so they must have cookie dough somewhere over in that region right?)


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