Monday, January 30, 2006

Iran threatens to end cooperation with IAEA if referred to UN

End cooperation? Wait a second Iran, in order to end cooperating you have to cooperate in the first place.

Iran once again threatened to end cooperation with the United Nations nuclear watchdog if its atomic file was referred to the Security Council.Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki told reporters that such action “will definitely end Iran's voluntary cooperation” with the International Atomic Energy Agency, the official state news agency reported on Monday.

Key word in there is "voluntary". Sure, you can say you won't cooperate but Israel seems to be just waiting for a reason to turn your landscape into a parking lot, Germany and France are getting annoyed, England's piffed and the US is, well, we're always mad at you people anyway. How long do you think your cooperation is going to be voluntary?

Mottaki said that he will be travelling to London on Monday to participate in a conference on Afghanistan but would be available to meet and hold talks with other countries’ Foreign Ministers.

Yeah but we already reported that we're giving you the silent treatment so it seems that you'll have to find other foreign ministers to play with. Psst...Iranian Foregin Minister...if the other foreign ministers don't want to talk to you just because they think you're trying to obtain nuclear weapons in order to destroy Israel and bring about the coming of the Islamic apocalypse then they weren't your friends in the first place.


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