Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Childhood dental problems epidemic

I think we're overusing the word "epidemic". What's going to happen when we DO have an epidemic? No ones going to listen cause the last fifteen times your epidemics were bullshit. It's like the boy who cried wolf here.

Children's dental problems have reached epidemic proportions in California, eclipsing other health crises including asthma and obesity, according to a study released Sunday.

There's that word again. Really, are we all that worried about kids teeth. Don't they get two sets? Maybe if their parents stopped letting them eat all that sugar and sweets and soda they wouldn't have this "epidemic" and we can go back to worrying about real problems like the fact children in this country can't recite the ABC's without a palmpilot.

Nearly 71 percent of the state's third-graders have suffered from tooth decay, and nearly 29 percent of kindergartners and third-graders surveyed across California had untreated cavities.

Okay, so, take them to the dentist. Epidemic solved.

It's startling to see what kinds of suffering kids go through, with or without treatment, when they have rampant tooth decay," said Dr. David Perry, an Alameda pediatric dentist and chair of the Dental Health Foundation.

I saw two kids in New York a few weeks ago eating out of a garbage can. I wonder if they were worried about tooth decay?


Blogger f.b.i.t.c. said...

Since the collapse of the berlin wall and the end to the constant terror of global communism the media, politicians, environmentalists and medical 'experts' have tried to keep the world in a constant state of fear. It is a control mechanism, managed carefully to make us worry about irrelevant things, urban myths and mistruths.

We are manipulated on a daily basis in an attempt to keep us looking to the very people who spread the fear for assistance and guidance.

Can I just say one thing, if a prehistoric man is dug out of a glacier or peat bog somewhere what has survived? His teeth! And I'm pretty sure they didn't have 'Whitening, antibacterial, plaque preventing 24hr protection for you whole fucking mouth' toothpaste.

If there was to be a Nuclear holocaust then I bet everyone fried in the blast would still have a nice shiny set of gnashers in the bleached skull.

Why is every toothpaste better than the last, every soap powder gets your clothes whiter, are companies telling us that the product they sold you 6 months ago was actually crap?

At least with the 'Commie threat' we knew where we stood - although that was built on lies too, and with terrorism on the rise we again have something genuine to be concerned about, and not just that 'Bird Flu' pandemic we're STILL fucking waiting for.

Jeez, just don't watch the news, it's all manufactured bollocks anyway.

Rant over

February 08, 2006 5:22 AM  

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