Friday, August 10, 2007

Russia says Georgia using pig corpses for 'biological terrorism'

So they've resorted to spoiled pork have they?

As Georgia drummed up support over an alleged Russian missile strike this week, Moscow on Friday charged Tbilisi with threatening the region with a somewhat less sophisticated menace: dead pigs.

This is not the first attempt at "gross-out" warfare. The idea is to make the other side so squeamish that they don't want to fight. I mean, who wants to fight a war with the smell of bad bacon in your nostrils.

Russia accused Georgia of dumping diseased swine corpses in the Kodori river, which runs through Georgia's Russian-backed breakaway region of Abkhazia to the Black Sea.

Russia has become the world's "look-at-me-please" country lately haven't they? Okay, Russia, you've claimed the Artic, you've threatened the US over the missile shield, you're building nuclear facilities in Iran, poisoned rogue spies and now you're accusing countries of using dead pigs as weapons. We see you. We know you're there. Calm down.


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