Friday, August 03, 2007

Bizarre submersible found floating off New York

I'm from New York, trust me, this isn't that bizarre.

New York authorities were questioning three men found in a bizarre submersible vessel floating just off Manhattan on Friday, according to local reports.

Some people have WAY too much free time.

The men were discovered early Friday near the cruise terminal in Brooklyn where the massive ocean liner The Queen Mary II is moored, ABC television reported on its website.

What has this country come to when three grown men can't play submarine in the waters of New York?

What the three men were doing in the vessel -- which appeared to be spherical with a circular hatch on top -- was not immediately clear.

Who wants to bet that whatever they were doing they probably shouldn't have been?

According to ABC, there was no indication that the discovery was terror-related -- a constant fear in New York following the September 11 Al-Qaeda attacks on New York.

Terrorism, nah, this is good ol' fashioned United States weirdness.


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