Saturday, July 28, 2007

US fears that Brown wants Iraq pull-out

Funny how they're not concerned that the US citizens want an Iraq pull-out as well.

A SENIOR Downing Street aide has sounded out Washington on the possibility of an early British military withdrawal from Iraq.

All good things come to an end. Bad things last five or so years apparently.

Simon McDonald, the prime minister’s chief foreign policy adviser, left the impression that he was “doing the groundwork” for Gordon Brown, according to one of those he consulted.

Eventually common sense has to take over. While I'll admit invading Iraq wasn't a good idea you'd have to be blind to not realize that pulling out would have consequences on the Iraqi people. Now, that said, staying in Iraq is having consequences on the Iraqi people as well. So now we have to figure out with is the lesser of two evils. On this I have no opinion. If I did, I'd be in politics.


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