Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bridge Falls Into Mississippi River

Bridges aren't supposed the do that.

The entire span of an interstate bridge over the Mississippi River collapsed during evening rush hour Wednesday, sending vehicles, tons of concrete and twisted metal crashing into the water.

My girlfriend has a friend who's mother refuses to visit her because her mother has a fear of crossing bridges. They only live about an hour apart but there is no way to get to each other without crossing two bridges. No of course her friend visits her mother plenty of times but the mother refuses to go ANYWHERE that would include her to cross over a bridge. I used to find that silly.

The Interstate 35W bridge, which spans between Minneapolis and St. Paul, was under construction when it broke into several huge sections.

A friend of mine once took the entire engine of his car apart and rebuilt it. After he was finished he has about fifteen parts still laying on the garage floor. I asked him how come all the parts hadn't made it back into the engine and he said that those were extra pieces the engine didn't really need. Two days later the engine fell out of the car while he was driving. I have a feeling the same attitude is at work here.

It was not clear how many people were injured. A burning truck and a school bus clung to one slanted slab, while at least eight cars and a truck were submerged in the river.

I'm guessing someone got hurt.

The Homeland Security Department had received no indications Wednesday night that the collapse was an act of terrorism, department spokesman Russ Knocke said in Washington. "We continue to monitor the situation. At this time, there's no indication of a nexus to terrorism," Knocke said.

Who needs terrorism when you have half-ass construction?


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now this is the kind of thing you would send 2 helicopters to report
and help out on

August 02, 2007 7:08 PM  

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