Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday Sign of Hope August 5th 2007

U.S. says kills mastermind of pivotal Iraq attack

Good riddance. From Reuters:

U.S. forces in Iraq said on Sunday they had killed the mastermind of an attack on a gold-domed Shi'ite shrine last year that triggered the worst phase of the country's spiral into sectarian violence.

The U.S. military described Haitham al-Badri as the top al Qaeda leader in Salahuddin province and blamed him for the pivotal 2006 attack on Samarra's al-Askari mosque.

That attack, which brought down the shrine's famed golden dome, inspired widespread revenge killings and is seen as the trigger for the war's deadliest phase, when an insurgency mainly of Sunni Arabs against U.S. forces turned into a sectarian conflict pitting Iraq's main communities against each other.

U.S. and Iraqi leaders also blame Badri for a second attack on the same shrine seven weeks ago which toppled its minarets.

Military spokesman Rear Admiral Mark Fox said Badri and several other gunmen were strafed by a U.S. helicopter after they were seen preparing an ambush east of Samarra.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there just seems to be a top al Qaeda leader on every corner of every block

August 06, 2007 2:16 PM  

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