Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Computer Glitches Frustrating Voters

"I tried to vote Democrat and the next thing I knew I had just purchase a video camera at Amazon.com"

Technical problems with new voting machines frustrated some voters in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey and several other states as voting got underway this morning, but the computer glitches and other delays did not appear to be widespread or politically motivated, election monitors said.

Oh good, it wasn't widespread. Only about 5 or 6 states couldn't vote.

With roughly a third of Americans casting ballots on new voting equipment, the two major parties fielded teams of lawyers and poll watchers ready to contest any irregularities.

I'm so happy to see our US culture relying on computers more and more. That way, when our country gets a Windows Error, we can consult the manuel on how to proceed as a whole.

Republicans were particularly on the lookout for voter fraud or illegal casting of ballots. Democrats were wary of voter suppression, or attempts to keep legitimate voters from the polls.

Hey, can we reboot the country?


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