Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry Apologizes for 'A Botched Joke'

We have to apologize for that? Oh man...I better get started.

Sen. John Kerry apologized for "a botched joke" about President Bush's Iraq policies that led Bush and fellow Republicans to accuse him of insulting U.S. troops.

"So two US Marines walk into Baghdad..."

"Of course I'm sorry about a botched joke. You think I love botched jokes?" Kerry said during an appearance on Don Imus' nationally syndicated radio program. "I mean, you know, it's pretty stupid."

I have a feeling the joke wasn't as bad as Republicans made it out to be. I mean, come on here people, if anyone has a history of horribly botched jokes it would be the man the Republicans put in the White House.

Kerry, D-Mass., said he meant no offense to troops when he told a college audience Monday that young people might get "stuck in Iraq" if they don't make it through the educational system.

I don't find that funny. I find that true. Not much military recruiting going on at Harvard.

On Wednesday, he said, "You cannot get into the military today if you do badly in school."

Really? I'm not saying that the American armed forces are a bunch of idiots but I don't remember anything other than being over 18 being a pre-req for military service. I don't remember the recruiters asking me if I was going to college when they spoke to me at my high school. They asked me if I liked guns. I said no. I thought it was a trick question.

"I'm sorry that that's happened," he said of his earlier comment. "But I'm not going to stand back from the reality here, which is, they're trying to change the subject. It's their campaign of smear and fear."

So where was this backbone when YOU were running for President?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's the "catch 22" if the troops or the people who are fighting this war are that stupid,
then they couldn't have been offended...because they're too stupid to understand what the hell was said and to whom! or about who!

November 02, 2006 11:43 AM  

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