Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

For those of us that celebrate the interesting holiday that is Halloween, today marks the dentist nightmare, the last day of October, the one day of the year that we trust complete strangers to give us something to eat.

Forgetting things like diabetes, today is really the day that children earn their keep and supply mom and dad, or just dad, or just mom, or mom and mom or whichever parental combination they've been born into, which as much candy as humanly possible. We spend the rest of the year teaching children not to take candy from strangers and then, on Halloween night, we make it up for them by sending them out with the sole purpose of doing only that for the entire night.

Announced by a national game of dress up, tonight is the night you CAN tell a book by it's cover. You know that little boy who decided to dress up like Britney Spears tonight, I can guarentee you there will be a closet and a "coming out" party someday in the future for you. Vampire? Pre-goth issues. Better prepare for the white make-up and the black clothes throughout high school. Cowboy? School shooting possiblity. Watch them. Spiderman, Superman? Ego-maniac.

So, for you that celebrate tonights holiday, enjoy the candy. Give someone a good scare. Tonight's the only night that you're allowed to run at someone with an axe while wearing a hockey mask and you'll actually get away with it. Enjoy.


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