Saturday, October 28, 2006

Nato apology over Afghan deaths

Our bad.

A top Nato commander has apologised for the deaths of Afghan civilians in an air raid on Tuesday.

There are some things that a "sorry" just doesn't clear. This is one of them. While I'm not sure NATO is solely to blame for this ( Taliban insurgents and fighters crossing into Afghanistan from Pakistan should be sending a card as well) saying you're sorry for the death of innocents is like spitting on a wildfire. It just doesn't cut it.

General James Jones said Taleban insurgents were to blame for using the villagers as cover.

Put the blame where it goes. The Taliban, al-qaeda, and Islamic fanatics in general know just how to play the media game. They could care less about the death of non-combatants but they know the Western public sure does. They hide amongst civilians, putting innocents including women and children at risk, and cry foul when a bomb meant for Taliban commander Jones kills a bunch of civilians. We fall for it, and until we start calling on them to take responsiblity for their actions, they will continue to play that game.


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