Monday, October 23, 2006

Former Enron CEO Sentenced To 24 Years

Yeah, at a golf club.

Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling was sentenced this afternoon to 24 years and four months in prison for his role in one of the biggest corporate scandals in U.S. history.

How about, instead of jail time for this guy, we gather all the middle class working folk who suffered finicial loss because of this Enron scandal and they get to kick him hard in the groin a few times each. That would be funny.

Skilling and ex-boss Kenneth Lay were convicted last summer in the accounting tricks and shady dealings that led to the company's failure. But Lay died and his convictions were set aside last week.

Until his condition improves I guess.

Enron employee called Skilling "a liar, a thief and a drunk" who flaunted "an attitude above the law." But a former Enron employee who said she had lost thousands in Enron stock and benefits said she blamed herself for failing to diversify.

Big business. What can you say about it that hasn't already been said about pure evil? No one wins with big business, you only delay the inevitable collapse of your own security and stability with a paycheck that never reflects the time and effort you exhibit in your day to day labor. Putting these people in prison is fitting I guess, even though they stole much more than money. They stole the trust from the people who worked for them, their finicial security, their pride and their futures. All in the name of a few extra dollars that they didn't really need. My advice? Work at Burger King. With the appetite and rampant gluttony of the American people, you'll never have a more secure job.


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