Tuesday, October 17, 2006

US population hits 300 million

Just remember, you are unique...just like everybody else.

The US population hit the historic milestone of 300 million at 9.46pm (AEST) today, the Census Bureau announced.

Wow, 300 million people. That's a lot of TVs.

The date and time for the arrival of the 300th million resident was based on a calculation by the US Census Bureau that takes into account birth rates, death rates and rates of international migration.

So we're not taking into account the illegal immigrants, vacationers that haven't found the time to return home just yet or the al-qaeda sleeper cells? Why that means the melting pot is brimming over with illegal activity. Yipee!

With that in mind, it was determined that the 300th million resident was either a newborn, an immigrant coming across the border or someone flying into the United States.

In actuality the 300 millionth customer...er...resident was Jose who ran across the Arizona border to trim your hedges. Congratulations Jose, you're going back to Mexico!


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