Thursday, October 12, 2006

Manhattan Plane Crash Kills Yankee Pitcher

It's all over the news. Yesterday a small plane slammed into a highrise in the upper east side of Manhattan. Was it terrorism? Was it a planned attack? Islamic fanatics? Copy-cat pyscho? Home-grown terrorist bent on making a statement? Nope, it was the New York Yankees.

Fears there had been a terrorist attack were replaced with sadness in New York Wednesday after residents realized a plane crash into a Manhattan highrise had been tragic accident that killed New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle and his flight instructor.

I must admit I at first thought it was a terror attack as well. I knew it wasn't a spectacular attack like September 11th but hey, it was Oct. 11th and anything with an eleven in it is evil, everyone knows that. So, I figure, al-qaeda has had some financial trouble and their terror attacks may not be as fantastic as they once where but how could someone accidentally fly a plane into a building. We'll never know.

The crash happened in early afternoon as Lidle's plane was flying over the length of the East River - on the opposite side of Manhattan to the route the Sept. 11, 2001, hijacked planes took. It then veered toward the densely populated and built-up island, smashing into about the 20th floor of a 52-storey residential building on the Upper East Side.

That probably wasn't in the flightplan.

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg said the plane's engine was found on one of the floors of the building, where apartments are valued at $1 million and up.

Not anymore.


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