Tuesday, November 07, 2006

US 'suburbs more violent than Iraq'

I don't know about that. I live in the US suburbs and I can't remember the last time someone blew themselves up at the supermarket.

MORE fighting goes on in parts of suburban US than Iraq, according to Australian filmmaker George Gittoes who has just finished a documentary set in a Miami "war zone".

No offense to those of you down under but I'm not sure that an Australian filmmaker is qualified to make that accessment. Maybe Miami has some bad areas, but how many people are killed by roadside bombs and snipers on those sunny beaches?

Gittoes' latest feature, Rampage, contrasts life for a family living in the blue-collar community of Brown Sub, Miami, with ongoing fighting in Iraq.

It's one thing to struggle against a corrupt government here in the US that has ignored us blue collar workers for years. Sure it sucks. I work in an area of the US that I can't afford to live in. The money I take home barely pays the bills. However, I don't get shot at. If I did, I would move. There's a limit to the bullshit I'm willing to take.

"It is much worse in Miami than it is in Baghdad," Gittoes said in Sydney today.

So, let's overthrow the Miami regime.

"There is a sense of people with guns, drug dealers lairing at you ... and being there, I knew I was in a war zone."

If you want to cause controversy so people will see your movie drive around drunk and make fun of Jews. No one is going to buy that Miami is worse than Baghdad. If it is and I'm wrong then, why are there people still living in Miami? Move to Baghdad, where it's safe.


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