Monday, May 22, 2006

Another new country for Europe

Just what we need...more politics.

The joyful fireworks and street parties that exploded in the streets of Podgorica on Sunday night, as Montenegrins celebrated a vote in favor of independence, found few echoes Monday in other European capitals.

Welcome Montenegro to the world. It sucks. Get a helmet. And a fence.

Europe's lack of enthusiasm for the imminent birth of a new nation on the shores of the Adriatic is prompted by its unease at seeing another small Balkan state emerge on its edges, reminding the EU of its failure to prevent the breakup of the former Yugoslavia.

I don't know about you people, but I sure do miss Yugoslavia. Not enough "Y" countries out there. Just Yemen. Poor lonely little Yemen. Tugs at the heart strings.

"There is a feeling of reluctance at having yet another country to deal with," says Nicholas Whyte, European program director at the International Crisis Group.

Let's look on the bright side...more on that when I figure it out.


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