Saturday, May 20, 2006

Tip leads US Border Patrol to 91 illegal entrants in truck

And finally we get our answer to how many Mexicans can you actually fit inside one vehicle?

Border Patrol agents discovered 91 illegal entrants who were smuggled into the country in the back of a box truck Thursday night southwest of Sonoita, an official said Friday.

Why, those aren't boxes at all! The free-for-all run for the border is slowly diminishing. It's not as easy as trekking across miles and miles of desert in the blazing heat and facing almost certain death just so you can clean the shit off our lawns anymore. Now, you've got to pay for the rising gas prices.

Around 10 p.m., the Border Patrol received a call from a concerned citizen about possible illegal activity, said Jesus Rodriguez, a spokesman for the agency's Tucson sector. The caller said they believed the truck was picking up illegal entrants.

You know, Survivor is running out of contestants which gives me an idea.

Border Patrol agents from Nogales and Sonoita pulled the truck over on Highway 82 around Milepost 26, at which time the driver got out and ran into the brush.

A sure sign that there's either illegal activity present or a bees nest under the passenger seat.

Inside the truck, agents found 91 illegal entrants, most of whom were from Mexico but some were from Central America.

Oh what's the difference. Go home, come back the legal way. Don't see me running across the border to watch some Mexican woman fuck a donkey. And that's something I really, really want to see.
And save the hateful comments about how there's a big difference between Mexicans and Central Americans because I'm well aware. I just feel you lose that difference when you do something illegal. Then, you're a criminal.


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