Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Scientists Test Tsunami-Warning System

The lifevests and innertubes faired well but the swimmies failed miserably.

Dozens of Pacific-rim nations joined the first widespread test of a tsunami-warning system since killer waves in the Indian Ocean claimed more than 200,000. During the drill, earthquakes continued to shake the geologically unstable region.

The very definition of irony would be if a tsunami crashed down on them well they were testing a tsunami warning system. Luckily it didn't. Here's a tip for future reference. Big wall of water hurtling towards your village? It is at this time you would want to move to high ground. Don't huddle together on the beach looking at the pretty wave of death.

As the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Ewa Beach sent out bulletins warning of fictitious waves to more than 30 countries, participating governments tested how fast they receive the warnings and how rapidly they went through domestic emergency alert systems.

If a tsunami is heading for my house, I want a phone call. A quick "big water, go now!" would suffice. Or even someone just making alarm noises.


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