Friday, May 12, 2006

Envoys say enriched uranium found in Iran

I'm not as worried about Iran having uranium as I am that they seem to be just leaving it laying around.

U.N. inspectors have found traces of highly enriched uranium on equipment from an Iranian research center linked to the military, diplomats said today, which could strengthen U.S. arguments that Tehran wants to develop nuclear arms.

As if anyone really had any doubts. Does anyone have a time machine so I can bypass all this bullshit?

The diplomats -- who demanded anonymity in exchange for divulging the confidential information -- cautioned that confirmation still had to come through other laboratory tests.

They'll be testing just as soon as word comes in whether sabertooth tigers went extinct because of man or the fucking weather. Hey, some things are just more important.
Initially, they said the density of enrichment appeared to be close to or above the level used to make nuclear warheads. But later, a well-placed diplomat accredited to the International Atomic Energy Agency said it was below that level, although higher than the low-enriched material used to generate power.
Maybe this only proves that the Iranians have no idea what they're doing. I have a gut feeling.


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