Tuesday, May 09, 2006

US to Provide Medical Aid to Palestinians

This is more on the track of winning hearts and minds in the Islamic part of this world. Unfortunately, they won't appreciate it. Maybe we should focus more on Americans who need medical aid before we aid people who want to cut our heads of for living. Just a thought.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the United States will provide $10 million in medicines and supplies to the Palestinian people.

Ten million dollars in medical aid to a far away land. My friends mother can't afford her blood pressure medication. Maybe she should blow something up.

Rice told reporters in New York Tuesday that the United States is concerned about the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people.

I concern myself more with their love of hurting my fellow countrymen and women. My country's foregin policy is so fucking confusing. I'd like to think that Palestinians would appreciate our medical aid and change their outlook on America and its people. I really would like to. Just can't believe it.

She said, however, the Hamas-led Palestinian government must renounce violence before it can be a partner in the peace process.

Kind of common sense there. Can't be part of a peace process when you advocate violence. Our government is so good at stating the obvious. Doubt things will change though.


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