Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cruise ship towed after blaze breaks out

There's nothing quite like a relaxing vacation trying to escape a blazing inferno.

A cruise ship carrying more than 700 people is being towed to port after a fire broke out onboard while the ship was in the English Channel.

Alcoholic beverages better be free now.

The Calypso was off the coast of southern England when the fire broke out in one its engine rooms early this morning.

Getting woken early by screaching fire alarms doesn't help relieve stress. Imagine heading back to a work week after a beautiful week-long towing on a ship that now smells like the Unabomber after he's created one of his happy little packages.

Crew members managed to bring the blaze under control and fire fighters were flown out to the ship to make sure the fire was out.

Only mankind could figure out a way to introduce fire to the middle of the fucking ocean.


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