Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday Sign of Hope 5/14/06

Happy Mothers Day!

Instead of spending the next 8 hours of my life searching and searching for some microscopic piece of reporting that can be twisted and spun more than a epilemtic man who's just downed thirty shots of whiskey in the last fifteen minutes in order to pry out some maybe-once-was-shiny bit of news that could possibly give us an inkling of hope for this world of messes, I've decided to take a moment to wish all the mothers who visit the site one day of happiness.

Today is the day that we spend hard earned money to thank the women who either had unprotected sex on the wrong day of their cycles or decided to share this miserable world with a new life that they could hold in the palms of their hands and destroy or allow to go free, and have the world destroy us for them. Flowers, candy, a card or perhaps a candle at the dollar store down the block from your mothers house that you stopped at cause you realized three quarters into your trip to see mommy that if you show up empty-handed it might be that final straw that puts your mothers arteries into that peace-giving vice-like grip, show our thankfulness that this women gave us all this. This wonderful life we struggle to survive on a minute by minute basis hoping to at least have the times we manage smiles outweigh the times blood rushes from an open wound.

Here are your flowers from me Mothers of the world. Thanks.


Blogger YourSister said...

hey didnt you buy candles at the dollar store that day! hehehe original

May 26, 2006 6:23 PM  

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