Friday, March 03, 2006

Terror don surrenders meekly

Terror don...say it real fast...sounds like a dinosaur.

Shaekh Abdur Rahman, chief of the banned Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), finally surrendered at 7:06am to the Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) that had pinned him down at a Sylhet house since Tuesday night.

Terror-don...hehe. Wasn't there a dinosaur named a terrordon or something close to that. I swear I think I did a report on that when I was in first grade. No...shit...that was a Plesiosaur. You know, some people think sea monsters, like Nessie, is a Plesiosaur that somehow survived the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Before giving in, Rahman, whose band of killers carried out serial blasts on a number of occasions to kill more than 30 people and injure many others, charged the Rab of "violating human rights" by cutting off his utility supplies.

Dinosaurs don't have human rights.

"You have stopped my gas, electricity and water supply," Rahman appeared on the window and spoke in a weak tone. "It is violation of human rights."

"You have blown people to little bits of mush. That's a violation of human rights if I've ever seen one."

A few moments later, Rahman in a white flowing beard and draped in long punjabi, a red-and-white chequered scarf and a topi on his head walked out of the single-storey house at East Shaplabagh. He was clutching a copy of the Quran.
The terrorist looked like a cornered mouse.

How come you didn't blow yourself up? Haven't you convinced dozens of "foot soldiers" to blow themselves up in the name of jihad. Cold feet huh? Cold feet...cold blooded...reptilian. You are a dinosaur. I knew it.

I should go take my medication.


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