Tuesday, February 28, 2006

SJ man, 45, died pursuing a passion

Luckily my passion is wasting away in a hospital bed so I don't have to do much pursuing.

Anthony Moore had been looking forward to the vacation he and his wife had booked to Maui for months. At work, he counted down the days until the trip, co-workers said.

Ah, counting the days until a vaction is bad luck. I dread my vacation, that way I usually survive them. I also ask everyone on the plane if they've recently won the lottery or inherited any money.

Moore, a San Jose software engineer, was an avid surfer and freediver and planned to do plenty of both on the island. But on Thursday, a week into the couple's dream vacation, something went terribly wrong when the physically fit 45-year-old was freediving in the warm waters off the island's southwest shore and his body was torn apart by sharks.

Yeah, sounds like something sure as shit went the fuck wrong. And what does him being physically fit have to do with the story. I would understand had he had a heart attack or a stroke or something but I don't think sharks swim along hungrily but pass you up cause you "look like you work out a bit".

What exactly happened to Moore off of Makena is not known. But Maui locals on Saturday warned of ``shallow water blackout,'' a sudden loss of consciousness caused by oxygen starvation as a diver ascends vertically to the surface.

Should of warned about the "shallow water feeding frenzy".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah! I say something went wrong and in a big way...the sharks had a good time on their vacation

February 28, 2006 8:20 AM  

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