Monday, February 27, 2006

Sunni-Shiite Truce in Iraq Fails to Curb Violence

If a truce doesn't curb the violence then you're in deep shit.

Efforts to curb the violence after the death of at least 200 people in a massive attack on the holy Shiite Asqariya shrine in Samarra , fell short of expectations.

Maybe you expect too much then. Allow ten or twenty random killings and that way you won't be all that disappointed.

At least 15 were killed and 45 were injured in a mortar attack Sunday on the Dora district of Bagdat.

See, 15 people. That falls in the ten to twenty range, just like I said. I've got it all figured out. When I leave the house, I expect a speeding ticket. When I get to work, I expect my boss to be an asshole, my supervisor to be a moron, my work to be pointless and my day to drain the fucking life out of me like a cosmic fucking vampire. That way, I'm not surprised when I contemplate suicide.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what else did you expect from these savages

March 02, 2006 2:24 PM  

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