Friday, March 03, 2006

Bush keeps visit to Pakistan despite consulate bombing

He's either very brave or very stupid. Isn't it depressing that we all know which one it is?

An apparent suicide car bomber drove into a vehicle outside the U.S. Consulate here Thursday, detonating a powerful blast that killed a U.S. diplomat and three other people, and wounded at least 50. Officials said the bomb scattered wreckage several hundred feet and shattered windows in the consulate and a nearby luxury hotel.

Remind me never to be a diplomat anywhere near Islam. Not that I have anything against Muslims but they're a very explosive people sometimes and nothing ruins your workweek like getting blown into pieces on your way to do something you probably don't even want to do.

And I thought I had a bad day at work yesterday. At least I lived through it.

The attack came one day before President Bush was scheduled to travel to Pakistan.

Connection? Probably not...

Bush, at a news conference Thursday in New Delhi, said the bombing in Karachi would not alter his travel plans, which include spending tonight in Pakistan.

Sure as shit would alter my travel plans. I don't spend my vacations near anything combustible, that's my rule. Can it explode? Then I'm not going.
"Terrorists and killers are not going to prevent me from going to Pakistan," said Bush.

Yeah, well you get about one hundred super-soldiers to follow you around and protect you. I have a large stick I found in the dirt. You travel wherever you want. I'm staying home...with my stick.


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