Monday, March 27, 2006

Saddam Planned to Deploy 'Camels of Mass Destruction'


Saddam Hussein planned to use "camels of mass destruction" as weapons to defend Iraq, loading them with bombs and directing them towards invading forces.

And we thought this guy had nuclear weapons?

The animals were part of a plan to arm and equip foreign insurgents drawn up by the dictator shortly before the American-led invasion three years ago, reveals a 37-page report.

It took 37 pages to explain that? Would it be difficult to spot a camel strapped with explosives? I don't think Saddam really thought that one through.

It is part of a cache of thousands of documents that the United States Department of Defence says it does not have the resources to translate.

We can't find people who can read Arabic? We can guide a missile into an outhouse with a laser but we can't translate documents? Sounds kind of, I don't know, like camel-shit.

And that plan would have never worked. Obviously Saddam didn't do his homework on Americans addiction to killing animals. Most of our troops are from the southern states in the US. Most of them hunted animals before being sent to Iraq to hunt Iraqis. Just give them a reason to wipe all the camels out and they're happy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the more you read 7 hear about this guy, you start to wonder, if there was anything he was capable of doing...he simply would have! we had to send troops

March 28, 2006 10:34 AM  

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