Saturday, March 25, 2006

French pride tested at EU summit

French pride? I thought you guys lost that during WWII.

French President Jacques Chirac left Brussels saying that he had been "deeply shocked" by the language used at this summit.

Especially when Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi called Tony Blair "the coolest fucking sonofabitch in the room".

That is because the language was English, and it was being spoken by a fellow Frenchman.


The president, a lover of dramatic gesture, walked out of one meeting, trailing his senior ministers behind him, when the head of Europe's business organisation, Ernest-Antoine Seilliere, had the temerity to abandon the language of Balzac for that of Bush and Blair.
Grow the fuck up. And what the hell does "lover of the dramatic gesture" mean? Does he flip people the bird a lot. You know, just because George Bush and Tony Blair speak English doesn't make it dirty. There are plenty of nice, sane people who speak English. We call them Hawaiians.

Once French was the main language of the EU, the only language that everyone had to speak, just as the EU's economic policy reflected French priorities.

Ah, this is just jealousy. That's because French isn't the language of choice at the EU anymore. French is out, English is in. Really, though, who gives a shit.

Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had planned an attack on "economic protectionism", but no one else was eager to join him. So instead he gave President Chiroc a jokey back massage.

Okay world, this is what our leaders are doing. They are arguing over languages and giving each other back rubs. You ever get the feeling that the people in charge maybe got there by accident?


Blogger Astral said...

France's president Jacques Chirac walked away from the last european council in protest over M.Seilliere talking english.
To be precise, Chirac did not walked away from the European Council because M.Seilliere spoke english (Chirac is fluent in english and has certainly no problem with the language), but because M.Seilliere, who started his speech in french, suddendly turned to english because he said "english is the language for business".
English is no more the language of business than french is the language of poetry, italian the language of arts or spanish the language of flamenco dancing
Any speech can be given in any language; a language is not used according to the content of a speech but according to your audience. In this case, the audience was the european council and as far as I know, the very vast majority of attendants don't have english as their mother tongue. All speeches are translated anyway and english was absolutely not necessary.
M. Chirac was right to point out this anomaly, but wrong to walk out, he should have said to the audience "Et maintenant, mesdames et messieurs, we are going to hear M.Seilliere speech". That would have had much more impact... Anyway, the wrong thing to do would have been to do nothing.

March 26, 2006 2:56 AM  

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