Saturday, March 25, 2006

Chemistry school blast kills woman

And now class, we will add substance A into the beaker with substance B in order to prove our theory that the human body cannot be blown more than five hundred feet in one direction. Goggles people!

An explosion at a French chemistry college has killed a professor and seriously injured one other person.

Concluding the lesson on how to make sure that you don't survive the afternoon.

French rescuers said initially 15 to 20 people were missing but they were later accounted for.

Thank goodness for homeroom attendance.

Rescue officials said one woman, a professor, was pulled from the building and later died. The condition of second person, initially described as lightly hurt, was later downgraded and was in serious condition.
Lightly hurt to serious condition is quite a downgrade.
"Oh he just hurt one finger...on the arm we found."


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