Saturday, March 25, 2006

Rescued in-laws face meth warrants

Out of the woods and into prison. Aren't you just the lucky bunch?

America may have smiled when a snowbound Ashland family was rescued Tuesday after spending 17 days in the southwestern Oregon woods, but officials in Arizona didn’t.

Oh they smiled, I'm sure of that. In fact, I'm positive the Arizona officials had the biggest smiles of all.

They responded to the nationwide television reports of the rescue with warrants for two members of the family, Elbert and Becky Higginbotham, whom they caught last spring with five packages of methamphetamine but did not arrest at the time.

This brings up two questions. Firstly, why wouldn't you arrest people caught with five packages of methamphetamine on the spot? Is that really something you give an IOU for? Secondly, why would anyone marry a man named Elbert Higginbotham?

A day after the Higginbothams, son Pete Stivers, his wife, Marlo Hill-Stivers, and their two children were rescued from the woods, Navajo County authorities filed warrants charging the Higginbothams with possessing methamphetamine for sale and other crimes there.

Aren't you glad you were rescued? Congrats, you're alive...for now. Prisons a whole other "lost-in-the-woods" experience.


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