Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pakistanis revile Bush visit

And I'm sure we all thought they would welcome him with open arms.

Pakistanis shut down their country with a nationwide strike and protests Friday as President George W. Bush flew here from India for talks with President Pervez Musharraf.

Shut down their country? How come that never happens here in America? Best we get is a few hundred people wearing stupid signs in the capital arguing over something most Americans don't really care about. Well, at least Bush can get other nations to stand together over something.

After Air Force One landed at an air base in Rawalpindi Friday night -- with window shades down and running lights turned off -- Bush's entourage was whisked into a bubble of protection and official welcome.

"Quick sir, into the bubble."
Why draw the windows and shut the lights off on a plane. Not like planes are really quiet. Plenty of times a planes been obscured by a cloud or something and you know what, I still know there's a plane around. You know how I know? I can hear.

The capital, Islamabad, and many other cities were eerily quiet throughout the day, although thousands of men marched in to condemn Bush and the United States, and Musharraf, for allying with them.

So it was eerily quiet with thousands of men marching. Wow, that's a quiet march. They are very considerate in Pakistan. Don't want to wake anyone with our protest so ssshhhh. I wonder if they were whispering "Death to America".

But if there is a good time for a presidential arrival to showcase such a broad friendship, it seems not to be seven weeks after U.S. forces fired missiles into a Pakistani village near the Afghan border.

Yeah, but really, when are we NOT firing a missile into some village. It's the American cultures greeting. Nice to meet you...LAUNCH THE MISSILES!

I don't know how I feel about the president of my country visiting a nation that would love nothing more than to kill him. Of course, if he stayed clear of that, he'd never leave the house. You think Bush gets depressed sometimes, knowing the entire world fucking hates him? I feel awkward going somewhere where there is one or two people I know don't like me. Imagine knowing pretty much the entire planet thinks you're an asshole. No one calls you. No one invites you to their birthday party. Cant even get a date. And the only other guy who will talk to you might accidentally shoot you in the face. Tough job.


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