Friday, March 17, 2006

Bomb dog's alert delays NCAA game

Must have been frightening. Bet a lot of guys got laid last night after the game.

A San Diego arena was evacuated for about two hours on Thursday, delaying a first-round game in the hugely popular national college basketball championship, after a hot dog cart attracted the attention of a bomb-sniffing dog.

I've yet to meet the dog thats attention is not grabbed by the smell of cooked pretend meat.

They had a robot go in and disassemble the hot dog cart and look for suspicious substances and at that point determined that there is no threat and it was safe to enter the arena.

Dismantled the hot dog cart. Well, better safe then sorry I guess. Although maybe you should feed the dogs before taking them to a basketball game.
"Hey wait, Rover just found something suspicious in this big bag of doggie treats!"


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