Saturday, February 11, 2006

Russian leaders reach out to rogue regimes

By inviting Hamas leaders to Moscow, President Vladimir Putin is reaffirming Russia's desire to act as a top mediator between the West and its adversaries - a role that has given the Kremlin a lot of limelight even if it is unlikely to lead to any diplomatic breakthroughs.

Russia just wants a little attention there's nothing wrong with that. With all this war on terror, the Iraqi war, the war in Afghanistan, the Iran nuclear crisis, Hamas in political power in Palestine, Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, we forgot to play catch with Russia. What do you say Russia, you want to throw the ball around?

Moscow's active involvement in the Iranian nuclear crisis and its attempt to win leverage with Hamas reflect Russia's growing ambitions, buoyed by an oil-driven economic boom.

Good for you guys, having your own little economic boom. Wish we could have one. What is it exactly cause it sounds really cool?


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